Meet the Team

Erin N. Adams, Pharm.D


“I provide compassionate patient care that helps promote health through prevention and safe effective treatment.”

Andrew Bazemore, MD

Family Medicine

“The appeal that drew me to primary care lies in its continuous, caring relationships with patients. I consider it a gift to be allowed into their lives and entrusted with their thoughts and secrets in the pursuit of shared solutions and healing”

Lee I. Blecher, MD

Family Medicine

“I strive to take care of my patients with attention to detail — guided by evidence-based medicine and balanced with a patient-centered approach.”


Family Medicine, Sports Medicine

“I see the practice of medicine and the care of patients as collectively both an art and a science. Through open, honest communication, creativity – and a drive to educate, inform, and guide – the relationship the physician fosters with both the individual patient and the community tempers the hard, cold facts and evidence provided by the latest research. All this is aimed at helping people accomplish their personal healthcare goals.”

Terence McCormally, MD

Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine

“I believe a personal relationship with patients means listening to their concerns and values, and meeting them where they are whether for an uncomplicated acute problem, a worrisome new symptom, or the management of multiple chronic conditions. Our Patient-Centered Medical Home is not just a certification, but a dedication to providing personalized, holistic care using the most modern tools and evidence to provide high-quality care.”

Amy Yoshiko Nobu, MD

Family Medicine

“As a family physician, I strive to establish and maintain mutually respectful relationships with patients. I hope to be a guide for quality health that is tailored for each individual.”

Suzan Shibla, DNP, RN, CIC, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

“Fairfax Family Practice embraces all patients and clinicians while delivering expert patient care. I learn from and with my patients every day. It is important to me as a Family Nurse Practitioner to continuously learn and stay up to date with new practice recommendations. My personal philosophy includes improving patient outcomes and providing evidence-based care while respecting each patient’s perceptions, experiences, and autonomy. Caring for patients requires open communication, empathy, and respect so that wellness and quality of life can be maintained.”

Maura J. Sughrue, MD

Family Medicine

“As a practitioner and teacher of Family Medicine, I treasure the long term relationship with my patients that is possible in my field as well as the opportunity to teach this specialty to others. I try to be an advocate for my patients as they attempt to negotiate what is otherwise a complex and sometimes daunting medical system.”